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There are many firms claiming to be “specialists” in the Contracting market and these firms tend to operate on a high volume of clients to costs to make profit. This often de-personalises the relationship and many contractors feel that this is a price they have to pay to obtain a reasonably low cost service. We disagree.

Contractors may have essentially the same needs in terms of tax and accounting for their business, but other personal circumstances will almost always vary. Our aim is to therefore offer advice not just on contracting, but on any other areas where we think savings can be achieved. Our service includes:

Free Compliance Check

The issue of being employed or self employed can be complicated and we offer a FREE compliance check in order to establish whether a contractor can reasonably claim to be self-employed.

Initial meeting :To ascertain your overall personal position and give an impartial overview;  discuss remuneration options (salary or dividend); explain what expenses you are legitimately able to claim and whether any other tax planning opportunities are available such as use of the VAT Flat Rate scheme.

Company Formation : Formation of limited company, appointment of officers, issue of share capital, appointment of directors, issue of shares etc. and offer guidance on banking arrangements.

Monthly Accounts : We will provide you with spreadsheets which will enable you to send us details of your income and expenses. We will use this to produce a monthly report showing your net profit and the tax liability you should accrue for.

Compliance Matters : Completion of company and personal tax returns and accounts for filing at Companies House and with HMRC. We file all returns electronically wherever possible.

We are also available to answer any queries you may have by telephone or email.